How can I feel less overwhelmed when planning my wedding?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This was the question from a wedding forum I read last night.

Anonymous Bride to be….

“When planning your wedding, where's the first places to start? I’m overwhelmed and need guidance haha. Do you make a list? How do you work out your budget? Any starting tips?”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this from Brides, girlfriends, family and random DM’s that I get and every time I turn to my trusted method. My little wedding tool kit and I give them my advice and information because I know the overwhelm can be too much and I want to help.

When I continued reading the comments (although so kind and helpful) made me feel even more overwhelmed for this gorgeous new bride to be.

Anyone from past brides, present brides, a few freebie links and a couple of business shout outs and I felt like I needed a shot of vodka and a snooze after the on slaughter of help that quite frankly turned to overload!

Yes planning a wedding is a big job and yes it can be overwhelming but what makes it even harder is the bombardment of information.

As a mother, it’s like the newborn born phase. Everyone wants to tell you the best ways to breastfeed, burp, put baby to’s exhausting just listing to the advice.

Yes, it comes from a good place but it also makes you wanna scream.

Planning a wedding is information overload and opinion from everyone overload.

That’s exactly why I am starting the Secret Brides club.

The Secret Brides Club a deep breath and sip your champagne kinda space not a two shots of vodka and a seat in the corner kinda space.

Within the Secret Brides Club you will have access to:

  • 5 clear phases to help you walk through the planning from;

  • Yearly overview

  • First steps

  • Vision/mood boards

  • Question you can think about, when asking suppliers and vendors

  • Budget outlines for you to fill in

  • Right through to nutrition and style advice, picking the right dress to suit your figure and colour choices

  • Then taking you all the way to seating plans, run sheets and then right home to newlywed bliss!

It’s a space I want you to feel supported, guided and fabulous. It's a space I am just starting so it's also a place that we can grow and build however you need and leave your legacy for future brides.

The reason I am opening the space up to Foundation Members (for a limited time) is right now it’s at its infancy, I have the designed planners which you can download and I have the vision for what I can provide you & what the other brides will help you with, all clear as day. I just need your support, guidance and suggestions to make this club next level.

So to the gorgeous bride who said, I’m overwhelmed and need guidance, click this link enter your details and I’ll personally send you 2 free planning tools to get you started...welcome to the club.

Kick off your heels and let’s plan a wedding!



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