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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Ok, so I did a little something or rather I am doing a little something.

I had a brain explosion and I found my jam or maybe I just finally got the recipe right. I am creating a very special, very secret, very awesome club for every single Bride.

This week the Secret Brides Club was just born.

By born I mean in a space of a week I have created & designed content, a logo, a brand, a landing page, an Instagram account, a Facebook page and a membership idea (it's totally happening) and a fire that I actually have never felt. I don't find content creation that easy, I find ideas and talking easy but creating content, knowing exactly were it is going and not being able to stop creating and building that only comes easily when it's right.

So it must be right this time, here it is....

I am Kristen Werner a Wedding Coach, your unofficial Bridesmaid, your planner, stylist, information book and flat out legend (ok scrap that or not), but I’m unapologetically passionate about weddings, events, brides, planning and the little details that make the big difference.

Here's Why.

Because events, parties, being the centre of attention, making ideas come to life, seeing the bride light up when their wedding day vision is nailed...those moments are my moments as well.

When I can sit back and think, yeah I did that. I created a moment for someone that was everything to them. That is an incredible feeling, one that has led me here.

The Secret Brides Club was born from a moment of frustration, creativity and need. The need to help brides move past the hazy diamond glow and into the reality and fun that comes from planning your wedding.

We own a Vineyard that's also a wedding venue, I love creating a wedding 'year' (yes it’s a full year of emotions). Hearing what a couple wants then making it work to a budget and a vision and then seeing it come to life is like nothing else.

Honestly, I cut out the bull sh*t, I want this club to be free of the headache and help brides work with what they really want through the lists, plans, guest speaker, connection and content I have an am creating and connecting.

94 % of Brides I surveyed said they were overwhelmed with wedding planning

87% said they didn't know where to turn next

92% said when they planned their own wedding they wish there was a space where everything was in one place.

So with that in mind The Secret Brides Club aims to be that space. Follow this link to find out more about when the door open to my foundation membership and when and what you can expect from this Club.

Cheers, from your happy, little wedding coach.


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